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At Think Eighty 20 Limited we have plenty of experience in identifying creative opportunities that lead to successful public relations campaigns. We have the knowledge and experience to lead PR campaigns for business clients from a variety of sectors. By allowing us to take your business into a new direction, you can rest assured your message reaches all your key markets and provides you with the end results you have been looking for.

  • Identifying target audiences

  • Attracting press and media attention

  • Pinpointing public relations opportunities

  • Implementing any existing marketing strategies for maximum gain

  • Crisis management solutions

Most businesses find themselves under pressure to focus on productivity rather than publicity. That's where we come in.


Our PR specialists will work closely with your business to boost it by raising your media profile. We do this through a mix of copywriting, social media strategy, press releases, and more.

For successful PR campaigns, contact us on 07827 99 8020.

Our range of PR services

PR coming to the rescue

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